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What to do in Chichester

How can I find hotels in Chichester?

With its original Roman walls and cross streets, the West Sussex coastal city of Chichester is a perfect getaway for visitors longing for a small town adventure. Chichester has beautiful Norman architecture, a natural harbour used by the Romans and Anglo-Saxons, and a historic South Downs National Park. Visitors marvel at the South Downs with its beautiful outdoor museum. The magnificent remains of a Roman palace dating to AD 75 are the largest of its kind in Britain. The city's beautiful Bishop's Palace Garden features over 100 rare and exotic tree species. Get a feel of the countryside from the Chichester Walls, the most well-preserved Roman walls in the country. Whether you love history, the arts, or English culture and cuisines, Chichester is a place of exploration and excitement for solo travellers and families. To enjoy excellent hotel deals while visiting Chichester, book a hotel on eDreams, using the platform's sophisticated room, price, and guest filters and its comprehensive database. You can choose from several hotels Chichester offers, including both luxury and affordable options.

What must I see in Chichester?

If you plan to spend some time in Chichester, booking cheap hotels can help you save cost and enjoy your stay in the city. By far the most iconic monument in the city is Chichester Cathedral. Consecrated in 1108, this sprawling edifice features the best of Norman and Gothic architecture. Fishbourne Roman Palace is also a must-see with its detailed mosaics and raised walkways. The immaculate flowerbeds of Bishop's Palace Garden offer an exquisite collection of local and exotic flora and fauna. Families will love the beautiful wonders of the Weald & Downland Living Museum in the South Downs National Park with over 50 historic buildings from Surrey, Kent, Sussex, and Hampshire. These buildings offer a window into the history and heritage of this side of England spanning over a millennium. Pallant House Gallery houses the formidable art collection of Walter Hussey, including pieces by Henry Moore, John Piper, Andre Derain, Eduardo Paolozzi, and Walter Sickert. The 1,800-year-old Chichester Walls have guarded the city since Roman times and offer great views of the surroundings. If you visit around March to October, don't miss the chance to see the opulent Chichester House, the private residence of the Dukes of Richmond. The Novium, Chichester Cross, Priory Park, Chichester Harbour, and the Tangmere Military Aviation Museum are other popular attractions in the city.

Where should I stay in Chichester?

You can choose any hotel Chichester has to offer based on a range of factors on eDreams, ranging from the luxurious, quaint, to the pocket-friendly. For the best sights of the city, reserve accommodation close to Chichester Cathedral, where you can see the city's most popular attractions, learn about its long history, and take memorable photos. The cathedral is close to the Bishop's Palace Gardens, allowing you quiet time with nature. If you would love to see Chichester Harbour and the beautiful villages on its shores, book a hotel nearby to enjoy breathtaking views of verdant gardens, chic restaurants, alfresco dining, and the best of English teas. The South Downs also features several luxury guesthouses, B&B accommodations, and rustic farmyard lodgings. From the modern, traditional, and everything in between, South Downs hotels offer a mix of nature and modernity. The Goodwood Estate hosts nice hotels that will make your time in Chichester comfortable. The rural and laid-back atmosphere makes this place an ideal destination for family getaways. Stay at the city centre near the Chichester Cross for quick access to museums, restaurants, and other popular landmarks and business options in the city. Book a comfortable hotel on eDreams before heading to Chichester to have a great time in the city!

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