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Hotels in Chester

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What to do in Chester

Visit Chester

Chester, England, provides the perfect mix of culture, archaeology, and modern convenience. The city's glorious Roman walls pay tribute to Chester's larger significance within the scope of British history. Along with numerous museums and a medieval fortress, this has made Chester an attractive holiday destination. Consider reserving a hotel in Chester with eDreams, a convenient, easy-to-use search engine, so you can make the most of this walled city's unique streets that mix modernity with history. Simply indicate your desired arrival and departure dates and eDreams will automatically generate a list of all the available hotels in Chester and their accompanying rates for your selected period. To further narrow the results, you can provide the number of people, both adults and children, who will be along for this charming holiday in the county of Cheshire.

What to see in Chester

For the best possible trip, you can easily identify hotels in Chester that are located close to your particular points of interest, thereby spending less time travelling and more on sightseeing. Alternatively, you can turn the bus and taxi rides into a tour of the city. Either way, be sure to look for accommodation near Chester's famous streets, such as Watergate and Eastgate, which are known for their galleried walkways. It is along Watergate Street that the famous God’s Providence House is located. Built in 1652, the house has grown to be a major point of interest for locals and visitors alike. It is believed that its inhabitants survived the infamous plague giving rise to its name. The city's premiere museum is the Grosvenor Museum, housed in a listed building and offering exhibits on the history of Chester dating back to Roman times. There are also a number of family events, talks, and more held at the museum. For a walk amongst some greenery, head to Grosvenor Park, the city's Victorian park which is listed on the National Register of Historic Parks and Gardens. The park is also home to the listed Grosvenor Park Lodge, a miniature railway, and a seasonal theatre. On weekends, you might want to the Chester racecourse on the banks of River Dee. Set on 65 acres, the course's history goes beyond horse races (which began here in1540), having been used as a harbour during the Roman period. Finally, no visit to Chester is complete without taking some time to visit the Chester castle. This neoclassical structure sits at the periphery of the city, just bound by the city’s Roman walls.

Where to stay in Chester

Should you secure accommodation near the Chester Racecourse, you'll be in proximity to numerous shops, bars, and hotels. Eastgate, famous for its world clock that is said to have been installed in 1897, is another suitable area to look for accommodation. Apart from easy access to the centre of the city, this area provides a good view of Chester's galleried walkways and rows. If you are looking to book a cheap hotel, consider accommodation around the Chester train station. The proximity to the station is also a bonus in terms of all your travel needs, and it's a mere 15 minute walk to the city centre. If you are looking to book an affordable hotel away from the train station, be on the lookout for available hotel offers on eDreams. These offers are often available for advance travel plans.

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