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Hotels in Cheltenham

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What to do in Cheltenham

About Cheltenham

Cheltenham is a perfect example of a Regency-style town, with opulent gardens and large, ornate townhouses. The town was once the preferred holiday retreat of the wealthy, who visited the town to drink from and bathe in its mineral springs. Though Cheltenham's heydays have passed, the town still retains its grace and elegance. Every March, the town fills with visitors who come for the Cheltenham Gold Cup, one of the biggest events on the world horse racing calendar. Cheltenham is also situated on the edge of the beautiful Cotswolds region. You'll find a number of quaint villages in the surrounding area that are worth exploring, and the region is known for its scenic walking trails.

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What to see in Cheltenham

Start with one of Cheltenham's most famous sites, the Pittville Pump Room. The building is in the Regency style typical to the area, and overlooks grand gardens. The Pump Room is now the only place where you can taste the spa water that made Cheltenham popular with the wealthy elite in the early 19th century. Make a date to be in town in March for the Cheltenham Festival, with its Gold Cup horse race. Tickets for the event sell out quickly, so make sure to book your tickets early and use the eDreams website to book your hotel in Cheltenham in advance.

The Wilson museum tells the story of Cheltenham, from its emergence as a spa resort to the present day. The museum is named after a local man, Edward Wilson, who died on the Scott expedition to the South Pole. You can view artefacts from his life and learn more about the tragic expedition. Take a walk around the posh Montpellier district, home to some of the best examples of Regency architecture in Cheltenham. A short stroll from these houses are the beautiful Imperial Gardens and the Montpellier Gardens.

Where to stay in Cheltenham

If you want to be close to the town centre, in one of the town's most upscale areas, look at the Montpellier district for lodging. The hotels in this Cheltenham area are within a short stroll of a variety of high-end shops, restaurants, and pubs. Those with young children may want to stay in the Pittville neighbourhood, which is home to a number of parks including Pittville Park, with boating on its lakes and a large playground. Pittville is also close to attractions such as the Pump Room and the Holst Birthplace Museum.

Charlton Kings sits on the eastern edge of town, and is the ideal place for those looking for a quieter, cheap hotel, as it's further away from the main tourist areas. You'll find a number of shops and restaurants within walking distance of your hotel in this peaceful village. Stay in Wyman's Brook or the town centre if you're looking to experience the local nightlife. These are both great areas to look for a hotel deal thanks to the number of lodgings available.

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