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What to do in Carlisle

About Carlisle

The historic city of Carlisle is nestled in the heart of Cumbria. When you book a hotel in Carlisle, you put yourself within easy reach of the Lake District and all the exciting activities that can be found there, from hiking to biking to wild swimming. There’s plenty to discover within the town itself as well, including a castle, a museum, numerous markets, music venues, and shopping outlets.

Carlisle has been settled since Roman times - everywhere you go you’ll see evidence of its fascinating history, from gorgeous churches and cathedrals to the castle which overlooks the city. As well as having much to offer itself, Carlisle makes an excellent stop on a trip to Scotland, or the perfect base from which to explore the Lake District.

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What to see in Carlisle

The main attraction in Carlisle is undoubtedly the 900-year-old castle. There you’ll be able to take in magnificent views across the city and the surrounding countryside, as well as soaking up a wealth of local history. You’ll find the Border Regiment Military Museum within the walls of the castle too. Museum lovers will also want to take a trip to the Guildhall Museum, which is based inside a 14th-century house in the town.

From your hotel in Carlisle you can also visit the glorious Lake District. This vast region is known for its lakes, forests and mountains, the sight of which have inspired artists and poets throughout the ages. You can take in the view in comfort from a carriage on the Settle-Carlisle train line, or brave the elements and take a walk through some of Britain’s most unspoilt countryside. You can even travel to the Roman-built Hardrian’s Wall, about a 30-minute drive north of Carlisle. Within the city, visitors will find plenty of entertainment options close to their hotel. Ice skating, swimming, indoor golf and more are all easily accessible when you book a hotel in Carlisle.

Where to stay in Carlisle

Carlisle city centre is clearly defined by the still-intact city walls which surround it. Book a cheap hotel within the city centre and you’ll be minutes away from a wide range of attractions and amenities, as well as being on the doorstep of the castle itself. You’ll find plenty of accommodation here to suit groups of any size.

If your main goal when visiting Carlisle is to explore the nearby Lake District, you may wish to look for accommodation in one of the suburbs of the city. Booking a hotel or hostel in the districts of Botchergate, Kingstown or Moorville will put you within easy reach of the great outdoors.

Carlisle hosts a number of fun festivals during the year, including the annual Carlisle Food Fair. If planning to visit during this busy month, it is worth booking early to ensure you get accommodation close to the centre of the city. At other times of the year the city hosts numerous concerts and touring shows, most of which take place in the West Walls Theatre or the Old Fire Station, both close to the centre of Carlisle.

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