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Hotels in Cape Town

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What to do in Cape Town

How can I find hotels in Cape Town?

The capital of South Africa lies between the sea and the mountains. It is the oldest settlement of the Europeans in Africa. Table Mountain is the greatest landmark that rises above the city, offering panoramic views against the Atlantic. The summit's best vantage points are the Lion's Head and the Signal Hill. The Lion's Head offers a dramatic backdrop to the capital with its peculiarly shaped peak and thousands of travellers climb every year. Being part of a national park, the mountain ridges beckon tourists from across the world with Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens nestled on the eastern slopes. Whereas the long beaches backed by tall peaks offer some of the best scenery. An irresistible sense of adventure from paragliding, biking, hiking, whale-watching, cage diving and surfing attract travellers from every corner of the world. Join history buffs at Robben Island to see where Nelson Mandela was incarcerated for 18 years. You can experience the thrills with these outdoor activities by booking a trip with eDreams. The process is very straightforward. Search for a hotel in Cape Town, sift through our numerous hotel deals, and book a hotel of your choice.

What must I see in Cape Town?

Drive up to the west of Cape Town central for another stunning scene at the Noon Gun. Watch the Table Bay at dusk as the Atlantic Ocean glitters from the shimmering lights of the city. The noon gun fires a shot when the sun is highest. Watch the firing and learn the history of this Noon Gun. Centred around the oldest harbours of South Africa is the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront. The vibrant shopping arena is one of the best places to get a hotel in Cape Town. There is an aquarium, food and craft market, and various entertainment centres like museums, jazz venues, theatres, cinemas, and drama schools. Most of the ancient buildings in this waterfront quarter have been restored. Tourists book trips to Robben Island to see Nelson Mandela Gateway at this place. If you are looking to meander along the seaside then head to the Sea Point Promenade. Do some physical activities at the Atlantic Seaboard or enjoy the sea view. There are pristine beaches in Cape Town you shouldn't miss starting from Clifton to Muizenberg. Llandudno is ideal for group travellers, crowd surfers, and families. Plan picnics, surf, or visit the Bat Harbour Market for lunch and dinner.

Where should I stay in Cape Town?

When you are new to Cape Town, it can be daunting to know what you'll get. So you need some insights from eDreams. Looking for a luxury hotel in Cape Town? Book one near Clifton Beaches. There are 4 beaches for different travellers' tastes. The fourth beach suits family activities. Grab some seafood and cocktails from the restaurants around Clifton Beaches. Another upmarket neighbourhood is the Green Point near the Cape Town Stadium. It's a great choice for sports lovers. Check the accommodation rates at eDreams for hotels in City Bowl, a good option for visitors who love some actions. You will be very close to upscale hotels, pumping clubs, hostels, and fantastic restaurants. City Bowl has a cosmopolitan mix for every kind of traveller. Taxis, trains, and buses are ready to take you anywhere. Maybe you like staying in a business-oriented neighbourhood. Why not book a hotel in Woodstock with eDreams? This is a hub for artists, young professionals, businessmen, and entrepreneurs. Close to the city centre, it is more affordable and you are likely to find cheap hotels in Woodstock.

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