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Hotels in Brussels

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What to do in Brussels

How can I find hotels in Brussels?

Travel to Brussels on your own for a solo adventure, search out romantic spots with your partner or dive into its history and culture with your family or friends. Whatever your plans for Brussels, use the eDreams powerful and easy-to-use search engine to search out hotel deals that work for you. Brussels is a city that manages to combine the hip with the historic, where quirky sits alongside the conventional and where fun is never taken to seriously. While parts of the city are definitely gritty much of it is majestic with Art Deco delights and sumptuous 19th-century mansions sitting alongside striking contemporary architecture.

Any Brussels itinerary should start in Grand Place, possibly one of the most unforgettable squares in the world. As you enter Grand Place through a narrow alleyway, the gilded city hall can't fail to catch your eye among the statues and gables that surround this cobbled square. Other highlights of Brussels have to include the Old England Building. Once an elegant department store it now houses the MIM music museum. Explore the Horta Museum and the St-Gilles Town Hall before relaxing in the green surroundings of the Parc du Cinquantenaire or Parc de Bruxelles. If you like your attractions a little quirkier, then try the Centre Belge de la Bande Dessinée for an overview of Belgium's comic-strip culture or pay a visit to Train World. Located in the beautiful old Schaerbeek Station, this museum lets you climb into steam engines, explore a historic station cottage and even experience driving a train in a simulator. Art lovers will want to dip into the Magritte Museum while visitors of all ages find the space-age Atomium fascinating and entertaining. Tempted? Then book hotels in Brussels by filtering for your choice of dates, accommodation type, party size and any extras you want. 

What must I see in Brussels?

This is a large city made up of distinct neighbourhoods so before booking a hotel in Brussels, research the attractions and activities that interest you most and search for hotel deals close by. Then you can step right out of your hotel, bed and breakfast or hostel and start exploring straight away. Any tour of Brussels should start with the old city so when you've finished taking photographs in Grand Place search out the city's humorous symbol, the Manneken Pis (or weeing boy!). This small bronze fountain dates from the 17th-century and has lots of legends attached to it. If it tickles your fancy, you'll find multiple versions to buy including chocolate ones. It's almost guaranteed that at some stage in your life, you've enjoyed Belgian chocolates. You can't go far in the medieval centre of Brussels without coming across a chocolatier full of tempting chocolate creations. The best are found in the Sainte-Catherine neighbourhood where you can even take a chocolate tour.

One thing that will catch your eye as you explore the city is its graffiti. Brussels is famous for its comic-strip walls and there are over 60 huge paintings of Asterix, Tin Tin and even The Smurfs to look out for as you explore. You can't visit a major European capital without diving into a museum. If you've time for only one or two, we recommend the Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium and the Museum of Natural Sciences, which focuses almost entirely on dinosaurs! Take a leisurely stroll through the Parc du Cinquantenaire with its giant arch, the biggest in Europe. Enjoy a fine panoramic view of the city from the top of the arch. Then, a reward is definitely called for after all of your sightseeing and Brussels is not only famous for its chocolate, waffles and fries but for its craft beer. To be sure of sampling the best the city has to offer, book yourself onto a beer tour. So important is beer in Brussels and Belgium that UNESCO included it on its cultural heritage list in 2016!

Where should I stay in Brussels?

When it's time to book a hotel in the city, you'll find plenty of accommodation choices in all of its neighbourhoods. These range from boutique and chain hotels to cheap hotels and hostels, and bed and breakfast accommodation to serviced and self-catering apartments. Some of the most luxurious accommodation can be found in the streets that swirl out from Grand Place but at eDreams we can still find you great hotel deals in this district.

Marolles is a quarter with a little more grit. Once a working-class area it now exudes a hip atmosphere of funky shops and quirky cafes. In some of the older cafes near the Place du Jeu-de-Balle, you might still hear people speaking with the old Bruxellois dialect while street food stalls still serve up a traditional delicacy - snails. If you are travelling with children, choose the suburb of Laeken when you book a hotel in Brussels. This district is famous for its elegant royal park as well as for the Mini Europe miniature park. Here you can take the family on a tour of Europe without having to get on a train or plane. Explore over 300 miniature recreations from the Eiffel Tower to Big Ben. So why not book now with eDreams for the best hotel deals in Brussels?

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