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What to do in Broadstairs

How can I find hotels in Broadstairs?

One of the most elegant resorts in south-eastern England, the Kentish town of Broadstairs mixes seaside enjoyment, cultural appeal, rich history, and recreational opportunities for every member of the family. Named after the "broad stairs" which once allowed locals to descend the town's impressive chalk cliffs, the port has been active since the 1500s - sometimes as a hotspot for smuggling. Nowadays, it's a place where gourmet seafood is easy to find, and where the 7 local beaches offer sandy expanses, safe swimming, and traditional attractions. Visitors can even surf some surprisingly challenging waves, while bookworms can learn about Charles Dickens - probably the most famous person to have fallen in love with Broadstairs' charms. If you want to book a trip, doing so is easy. Just use the eDreams search engine to find accommodation, and book a hotel that meets your requirements. Nothing could be simpler, and you're sure to have a wonderful time.

What must I see in Broadstairs?

For most people booking a local hotel in Broadstairs is all about the sea. And with good reason. Locations like Joss Bay have surf shops and schools, the chalk formations of Botany Bay make fantastic photo opportunities, while kids will adore the rides at Viking Bay. Most beaches are manned by lifeguards, so should be safe for swimming. However, there's a lot to see and do away from the sea. For instance, there's the Dickens House. Once home to the author of Pickwick's Papers, the house appeared in David Copperfield and hosts a wealth of Dickens memorabilia. The historic village of St Peter's is also a joy to explore, with its 11th-century church and quaint English country pubs. And when you book cheap hotels in Broadstairs, the wider Thanet region is easy to visit. Margate has become a magnet for art lovers, thanks to the Turner Contemporary Gallery, while Dreamland theme park has enough of rides and attractions to tire out the most energetic kids. Ramsgate's WW2 era tunnels and stunning Glasshouse are also well worth discovering. So whether you want to relax on the beach, see some world-class art, or get under the surface of British history, Broadstairs is the place to be.

Where should I stay in Broadstairs?

When you come to pick a hotel Broadstairs offers a few excellent possibilities - all of them providing a slightly different holiday experience. Firstly, St. Peter's is a village above the seafront, which is the oldest part of town. Hotels there are likely to be quieter, more historic, and with an upscale feel, if you want seclusion it's a great area to choose. Active holidaymakers may want to check out hotel deals in Joss Bay. Just north of Broadstairs town centre, it's the hub of the area's surfing scene, and also offers activities like belly-boarding and kayaking. Or head further north to hotels near Botany Bay, which is a short distance from Margate's nightlife and galleries. Then there's the actual town centre. Around 500 metres from Viking Bay, the town centre has craft stores, galleries, literary museums, and atmospheric alehouses to offer. You can walk to the beach, while trains from Broadstairs station run north to Margate and south to Ramsgate in just a few minutes. So it's ideal for exploration. Whatever area you prefer, eDreams makes selecting a hotel simple. Have a look around, compare amenities and locations, and organising a Kentish escape will be easy.

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