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What to do in Bridlington

How can I find hotels in Bridlington?

Bridlington embodies the best of the traditional East Yorkshire seaside, with a superb seafront, plenty of family activities, beautiful surrounding countryside and a wealth of unique character. It's also extremely cost-effective for a family or couples' holiday, even in high season. If you're looking for a hotel Bridlington offers a fine array of quality and affordable options. In fact, many of the roads around South Beach are almost entirely given over to guest accommodation such as private hotels and B'nBs. The good news is that it's easy to get a cheap hotel Bridlington wide with eDreams. Simply use the eDreams website to book a hotel in a few easy steps. Just add your search criteria using the filters and the powerful search engine will find you the best cheap hotels and the latest hotel deals. You can then book directly to reserve your chosen accommodation, knowing that you have secured the best price.

What to see in Bridlington?

Bridlington is fun, welcoming and a perfect family holiday location for a traditional seaside experience. The seafront is the obvious attraction and it has been extensively developed with golden sands, a land train, beach huts and regular summer schools and classes, such as windsurfing and volleyball, during the holidays. The beach is cleaned every day by the busy foreshore services team, and there are huge expanses of sand for the children to explore. Visit the funfair, take a tour of the working harbour in the 'Pirate Ship' or wander up to North Beach to see Sewerby Hall and to explore the cliffs. Play crazy golf or visit the excellent renovated leisure centre with its water flumes and superb facilities. Bridlington Spa has an extensive calendar of entertainment and there are various cafes and fish and chip shops to visit for excellent local food, including the famous Busy Bees fish bar. There are plenty of local sites to explore too, such as Flamborough Lighthouse, nearby Filey and the beautiful old town of Bridlington, with its cobbled streets, ancient Minster and independent boutique shops. The town centre itself has plenty of shops, restaurants and cafes and there are some excellent traditional shops selling beach toys, rock and fudge.

Where to stay in Bridlington?

The beauty of Bridlington is that it is compact and easy to explore on foot, being mostly flat and with wide pavements and walkways, especially along the stretching coastline. This makes it a very popular spot with families who have young children and older relatives with them. If you want a central hotel Bridlington seafront is the perfect spot, with many private hotels and BnBs on offer. There are also several larger hotels with spas and golf courses just outside the city centre. Families often choose cheap hotels in South Beach, just a few minutes' walk away from the shore. North Beach is excellent for BnBs, private rentals and hotels with catering. There are also a large number of holiday parks dotted around the main town area. If you're looking for more exclusive boutique-style accommodation, eDreams will show you where to find the perfect hidden gem for a couples' break. Demand for hotel deals in Bridlington can be very high during the holiday season, so it's best to book a hotel well in advance, especially if you are planning to travel as a group. Pack your bucket and spade for beachside fun, your walking boots for the coastal routes and prepare to enjoy the best of the British seaside in cosy Bridlington!

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Hotels in Bridlington