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Hotels in Berlin

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What to do in Berlin

How can I find cheap hotels in Berlin?

Berlin is a city world-renown for its art, architecture, history, culture, and music. As a popular destination in Germany, Berlin is famous for the attractions and activities travellers get to enjoy. With the Reichstag Building, Brandenburg Gate, Museum Island, Nicholas Quarter, TV Tower, Zoo Berlin, and many more attractions, there's something for every visitor, whether travelling as a family or individually. Berlin has both a modern feel and historic charm, so it has a compelling mix of contemporary and traditional sightseeing hotspots. The city accommodates young and old with art galleries & street art, bars, diverse and healthy-food cafes, boutiques, urban beaches, and much more. Schneberg district is characterized by the green and leafy environment, has a rich history, and food centres. Spandau is famous for its bustling Chinatown and Charlottenburg is an exclusive area with luxurious hotels and top-class restaurants. If you're looking for a great deal at a hotel Berlin has plenty throughout the year, and you can find it easily using the eDreams search engine. The search engine has features which help you to find cheap hotels using various filter options like date of travel, location, price, and the number of people who'll be joining you. 

What must I see in Berlin?

Sitting between River Spree and the Kupfergraben is Spree Island, commonly known as Museum Island. This UNESCO Heritage site has several museums, including Bode Museum, Old and New Museum, Old National Gallery, Pergamon, and Humboldt Forum. In the same district, walk along River Spree until you get to the Three Girls One Boy Statue for a photographic moment. Cross to the other side and marvel at the design of the Berlin Cathedral. If you're with your family, consider a trip to the Zoo Berlin and see pandas, hippos, polar bears, and over 10,000 other animals. If you still have time, head to Tiergarten Park nearby for a hike or a delicious picnic. If you're up for a historic adventure, visit Germany's formidable parliament building, The Reichstag. Next, head to the imposing Brandenburg Gate in Mitee district, perhaps at night for a particularly unique experience. Consider taking in the full view of Berlin from the revolving restaurant in Berlin's Television Tower. Shop amongst over 250 vendors at the Christmas Market in Charlottenburg Palace. Collapse after a long day in a comfortable hotel - Berlin has thousands to choose from. Find the best deals on eDreams. 

Where should I stay in Berlin?

The most convenient place to stay in Berlin is Mitte as it's centrally located, has transport links, and is close to concert venues, opera, theatre, Museum Island, and Brandenburg Gate. Find cheap hotels at Friedrichshain if you're looking for bubbly nightlife. Another nightlife friendly neighbourhood is Kreuzberg & Neukölln. It's full of underground parties, street art, food stores, and vibrant clubs. While at it, ensure you enjoy a cup of coffee or beer. If you're fancying a calm environment where you can enjoy delicious meals, book a hotel in Prenzlauer Berg. Choose Museumsinsel & Alexanderplatz neighbourhoods if you're looking to shop, sightsee, and enjoy a little nightlife. Book a hotel in Charlottenburg if you're visiting Berlin as a family with children, as it has multiple children-friendly activities and attractions. Find hotels using eDreams engine and for the best hotel deals, ensure you book in advance.

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