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What to do in Ayia Napa

About Ayia Napa

A picturesque Mediterranean fishing village located on the eastern coast of Cyprus, Ayia Napa is a great choice for those seeking golden beaches, pumping nightlife and adventure activities. When you book an Ayia Napa hotel, you can acquaint yourself with the region’s intriguing history, natural beauty, and vibrant culture. The resort town is home to beautiful beaches, a 14th-century monastery, several churches, and a museum. You can easily visit the nearby family-orientated town of Protaras to sunbathe on yet more golden beaches and to discover yet more amazing historical sites.

Ayia Napa caters well to thrill-seeking holidaymakers, who can pick from a wide range of exhilarating activities like bungee jumping, slingshot riding, bucking bronco riding and scuba diving. And when it comes to nightlife, there is an array of exciting options, ranging from foam and paint parties to beach and pool parties. In the last week of September, Seferi Square in Ayia Napa comes alive with the region’s most popular cultural event, the Ayia Napa Festival. Find cheap hotel deals by using the eDreams' search engine and book your ideal hotel in Ayia Napa. All you need to do is enter your dates of travel, the required number of rooms, the number of guests travelling and then you're set - simply scroll through the wide selection of hotels and choose the one that's right for you.

What to see in Ayia Napa

In the central square of Ayia Napa, you'll find the most popular historical landmark, the monastery. A mere 1.3 miles away from the harbour, the monastery as it stands today, was reconstructed in the 15th century. Built in the form of a castle, this medieval monastery is partially built underground and houses a cave. To its south-west lies the New Church, dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The Thalassa Ayia Napa Municipal Museum is also well worth visiting - the museum building itself is a beautiful contemporary design, while the collection includes fascinating exhibits from the prehistoric era, as well as artefacts from Cyprus' seafaring history and fossilized underwater creatures.

To relax and tune into nature, make a trip to the Cape Greco National Forest Park where you'll find nature trails, diverse flora and spectacular sea views from atop cliffs. A highlight is the 1.2 mile-long Aphrodite nature trail, believed to pass through the birthplace of Aphrodite. Be sure to visit the holy church of Agoi Anargyroi en route. Another trail leads to the ‘Cyclops’ cave with a lovely picnic area nearby. Or take a boat tour along the coast to witness the striking limestone cliffs, dubbed “palaces” by locals.

Where to stay in Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa is renowned as one of the most happening nightlife destinations in Europe. Clubbers often choose to stay near Ayia Napa’s main square or along the strip at Ayias Mavris, which are the key nightlife hubs in the town. Keep in mind that the parties here don't really get going until 11pm. Couples and families seeking a quieter night out generally prefer the bottom end of the strip towards the harbour.

The heart of the town is where most of the historical and cultural attractions are found. Stay near Ayia Napa Square to be within walking distance of major sights like the Holy Virgin Church, the Old Aqueduct and the Monastery. Or pick an Ayia Napa Harbour hotel for quick access to the sandy beach of Vathia Gonia and pebbled beaches like Pernera and Katsarka. Parko Paliatso, a family amusement park, is also located near the beaches, as are Nissi beach, Makronisos island and Water World water park.

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