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What to do in Alnwick

About Alnwick

Located in one of the remotest parts of the north of England, Alnwick was ruled for over 7 centuries by the influential baronial Percy family. The present-day Duke and Duchess still live in their magnificent ancestral castle which is open to the public. The 42-acre Alnwick Gardens boasts one of the largest tree houses in the world, and architecture lovers should consider a trip to Alnwick for its diverse architectural styles: Normal, Gothic Revival, Perpendicular Gothic and Medieval among others. Ancient Carmelite friaries, ruins of hauntingly beautiful castles, Victorian legacies and a wild countryside are but a few reasons to travel to Alnwick. The town is a short drive from the Northumberland Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Bay, a splendid area to book a hotel in Alnwick if untamed beauty appeals to you.

eDreams is a great website for booking hotels in Alnwick. The powerful and easy-to-use search engine lets you filter your choices by date, the number of guests, and rooms required to find the best hotel offers and cheap deals for your needs. You can check the rating and review for each hotel before making your choice. Hotel deals are plenty on eDreams so book a hotel in Alnwick now.

What to see in Alnwick

Film set to Harry Potter and Robinhood Prince of Thieves, Alnwick Castle is England's second-largest inhabited castle after Windsor, and there's much to see and do here: traditional music concerts, falconry shows, stilt walking, winding labyrinths, and friendly wizards and witches who stroll the grounds. Don't miss Alnwick Garden for its ornamental gardens, sky ropeways, treetop cafés, and the Grand Cascade water feature. The garden is home to 'the world's deadliest garden', Alnwick Poison Garden, where you'll encounter plants that kill. Look out for the classic hemlock, nightshade and nux vomica while here.

A short way away is the idyllic Hulne Park, home to the ruins of a Carmelite friary founded in 1240. The town's history comes to life at the Bailiffgate Museum, housed inside the former St Mary's Church, an 1836 Gothic Revival Building. Living culture awaits in the form of drama, music, dance, and film at Alnwick Playhouse. Ghost Walks are led by medium and exorcist Ralph Keeton who'll take you through the town's haunted areas. Not for the faint-hearted, these sightings are backed by paranormal investigators and recorded sightings. Fortunately, most of the town's main attractions are in a close cluster so try your find your apartment, hostel, or hotel in Alnwick nearby.

Where to stay in Alnwick

At destination Alnwick, most of the apartments and bed & breakfasts are in walking distance of the castle, Alnwick Gardens, Bailiffgate Museum, and Hulne Park. Book your accommodation on eDreams for a detailed map view which gives you a clear idea of distances from the town's main landmarks. Many hotels in Alnwick are located along the highways B6346 and B6341.

If you prefer to stay by the Northumberland Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Bay, book your hotel on eDreams in the seaside towns of Beadnell, Benthall, High Newton-by-the-Sea, Low Newton-by-the-Sea, or Embleton. The ancient village of Embleton is home to the dramatic ruins of Dustanburgh Castle, a top-rated Northumberland attraction. Visit Craster on your trip if you fancy some smoked kipper; the cheery village is a good base to find deals especially because of its proximity to the Arnold Memorial Nature Reserve. While here, visit the award-winning hidden cove of Rumbling Kern where whiskey smugglers stocked their contraband. No matter where you choose to stay during your trip to Alnwick, cheap hotels and the best prices await on eDreams.

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