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What to do in Aberystwyth

About Aberystwyth

You know your holiday in Aberystwyth will be unforgettable the moment you enter this ancient market town and holiday resort. Nestled between three hills and two beaches, this Welsh community is located close to the confluence of the Ystwyth and the Afon Rheidol. As it’s also a popular university town, Aberystwyth is vibrant and bustling with activities throughout the year.

Hike to the top of the nearby hill to discover the ancient remains of an Iron Age fort and a monument dedicated to Wellington. You'll also be greeted by mesmerising views of Cardigan Bay. Follow the Aberystwyth Architectural Trail to discover Edwardian, Georgian, and Victorian buildings dotting the seafront. A promenade separates the buildings from the sea andoffers a relaxing space to sit and gape at the surrounding mountains and hills. In summertime, you can bask in the sun, and if the weather is clear, you’ll be able to see Snowdon, the tallest mountain in Wales.

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What to see in Aberystwyth

Book a hotel that offers easy access to Pen Dinas, the 120m hill that overlooks the village like a sentinel. Hike to the summit, and you'll be greeted with the ruins of an Iron Age fort, constructed in 400BC, and a chimney-like monument on the summit built in 1852 to honour the Duke of Wellington. Bring a picnic and enjoy the views of the Rheidol and Ystwyth river valleys and the sea.

Learn about local history at Ceredigion Museum. Housed in the Coliseum Theatre, the museum chronicles life in the region from prehistoric to modern times. Displays cover home and work life, seafaring, and agriculture. You can also see the mechanism of the old town clock that stood between 1856 and 1956 at the Great Darkgate Street. Interestingly, it's still functional – it displays the time to passersby on Terrace Road.

13th-century Aberystwyth Castle is also worth visiting. Although just the castle's inner and middle walls remain, the inside houses a park and play area. Look for the 13 stones arranged in a bardic circle, with each stone representing the 13 pre-1974 colonies, and the war memorial commissioned in 1919 by Italy.

Where to stay in Aberystwyth

Book an Aberystwyth hotel near the centre, around Parc-y-Llyn and Alexandra Road, so that you're close to most attractions. Marine Terrace is ideal if you’re looking for a quiet, cheap hotel by the seafront, as is nearby South Road. Staying around Penglais Road will put you close to the National Library of Wales, which houses copies of every book published in the UK. Look for ancient gems such as the 13th-century Black Book of Carmarthen and the first edition of Paradise Lost.

To be close to the beach and Aberystwyth Castle, book accommodations around Queen's Avenue, Bath Street, or South Road (Tan-Y-Cae). You can also stay at the end of Aberystwyth Promenade to be close to Aberystwyth Electric Cliff Railway, the longest in Britain of its kind. The narrow-gauge train takes you up Constitution Hill, where you'll be able to see as far as Pembrokeshire’s Preseli Hills.

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Hotels in Aberystwyth