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A visit to India is an unforgettable journey into a splendid historic past. The country is so diverse it will be difficult to see everything in one go. Wander through luxurious palaces, sombre temples and magnificent monuments. India also has incredible natural wonders, from majestic Himalayan mountains and rivers to beautiful beaches and haunting deserts. And if these are not enough to convince you to book flights to India, think about sumptuous Indian cuisine that's so flavourful and intense, it alone is reason enough to discover this intriguing country. Visitors flying by plane will probably arrive at one of major international airports: Indira Gandhi or Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airports. Airlines that operate in the country include British Airways, American Airlines, SAS, Lufthansa and All Nippon Airways.

New Delhi is the capital of India boasting of modern amenities, monuments and Mughal/Gothic architecture. Stroll through amazing forts and gates or visit a museum to connect with its history. Delhi is not only a modern conurbation of residential enclaves, markets, emporiums and malls, it also offers a very international dining scene and lively nightlife. Mumbai is the second most important city of the country. It is the entertainment capital of India and a business/financial hub. Its rich historic past is evident in monuments and landmarks that are spread across the city. Visit temples, mausoleums, churches, art galleries and museums. Mumbai will not disappoint whether you are watching an authentic Bollywood movie, admiring Art Deco architecture, enjoying the beaches of Goa or just paying your respects at a serene temple.

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