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Cuba has long been one of the top favourite Caribbean destinations, also for those who love travelling alone, and it is not really that difficult to explain why. Going to the country is like stepping back in time to see a rich colonial heritage, vintage cars cruising the streets and music everywhere. It reeks of history and a melting pot of cultures make up the identity of the nation. In addition, the county has an exceptional natural beauty with powdery beaches, azure oceans, verdant mountains and rich valleys. Holidaymakers on flights to Cuba will land at one of the following international airports: Frank Pais, José Martí or Camagüey-Ignacio Agramonte. Air Canada, Avianca, Condor, Aeromexico and Copa Airlines are some key airlines serving the islands.

Cuba's capital, Havana, is bursting with life from its salsa clubs and cool bars to relaxed restaurants and charming cafes. Ramble through Habana Vieja and try to relive the grandeur of a faded era amongst its outstanding colonial architecture. You will have a hard time choosing what to do first as the city is teeming with history and culture evident in its museums, picturesque squares, monuments and cathedrals. History is everywhere in this country, even if you move to the second largest urban centre, Santiago de Cuba. The city has incorporated a youthful touch with the presence of universities, eclectic music, new architecture and lively festivals. Santiago de Cuba is also a great starting point for excursions to nearby beaches and botanical gardens.

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