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Flight & hotel holiday deals to Mauritius

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Flight and hotel packages to Mauritius

Presentation of Mauritius

The island nation of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean is a tropical paradise for visitors. With beautiful beaches, natural scenery, terrific weather and friendly people, it certainly has its attractions. Yet it seems so tiny and far away that it often gets overlooked as a visitor destination. That’s why at eDreams, we’re pleased to recommend our first-rate package holidays to Mauritius as one of our excellent flight and hotel deals.

Things to know before visiting Mauritius

For British passport holders, no visa is required to enjoy a holiday in Mauritius for up to 60 days. Just make sure well before your flight to Mauritius that your passport will remain valid throughout your stay and that it has at least one blank page for entry and exit stamps. If you need to take prescription medicines, make sure you have a copy of the prescription and the original packaging.

If you want to hire a car on the island, it’s no problem provided you have a full driving licence. The Mauritius government allows visitors to drive for up to four weeks using their own government-issued driving licence. To drive for a longer period, you’ll need an International Driving Permit (IDP). In Britain you can apply for an IDP via any Post Office. Whether you choose to drive yourself, use public transport or private tours, you’ll have a great time discovering the island’s natural attractions. Check out our flight and hotel deals and enjoy exploring the island of Mauritius at your leisure.

What is the weather in Mauritius?

Due to its location in the southern hemisphere, the seasons are reversed. January is the warmest month with temperatures varying between 73°F and 86°F, while the ‘mid-winter’ months of July and August see temperatures ranging from a pleasant 64°F to 75°F. Sea temperatures are also inviting all year round and never too cold for swimming.

While Mauritius has its fair share of rain throughout the year, it tends to come in short heavy bursts, even in the wettest months between January and March, and it’s not a daily occurrence. In fact, it’s no more than a minor inconvenience for an hour or so – then it’s back to unbroken sunshine as if the rain never happened. That’s why our all inclusive packages, with flight and hotel to Mauritius are available all year. We can get you to your dream destination whenever is most suitable for you. With a flight from London to Mauritius or a flight from Manchester to Mauritius, you’ll soon be enjoying the tropical sunshine of Mauritius.

What to do in Mauritius?

For a small island, there’s an impressive amount of things to do in Mauritius. Here are a few suggestions:

Browse our holiday packages and you, too, can enjoy the marvels of the island and its neighbours with a flight and hotel in Mauritius.

What to visit around Mauritius?

Mauritius has several uninhabited islands that can be visited on day trips by boat. Some can only be viewed offshore unless you apply for permission to visit beforehand. All of them are beautiful and largely untouched by any human development. Easily accessible islands that are interesting include Amber Island and Flat Island. With our all inclusive holiday packages, you can select a flight and hotel in Mauritius and explore the island and its near neighbours as thoroughly as you like.

What to eat in Mauritius?

With the Indian Ocean completely surrounding the island, fresh fish and seafood are on the menu at all times. In addition, the island’s colonial influences have brought French cuisine to Mauritius. You’ll find dishes such as coq au vin and bouillon (broth) available and delicious. Indian migration to the island has also seen the introduction of Indian cuisine including curries and chutney. Check out our excellent discount holidays, today. A holiday in Mauritius in the company of great food and refreshments will do you the world of good.