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Flight & hotel holiday deals to Malta

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Hotel Santana 15 Dec - 17 Dec
TripAdvisor rating
Free WiFi
From £87
FLIGHT + HOTEL per person
The St George Park Hotel 15 Dec - 17 Dec
TripAdvisor rating
Free WiFi
From £99
FLIGHT + HOTEL per person
San Antonio Guest House 15 Dec - 17 Dec
TripAdvisor rating
Free WiFi
From £109
FLIGHT + HOTEL per person
SO City Hotel Adults Only 15 Dec - 17 Dec
Free WiFi
From £111
FLIGHT + HOTEL per person
The Duke Boutique Hotel 15 Dec - 17 Dec
Air conditioning
From £141
FLIGHT + HOTEL per person
The Embassy Valletta Hotel 15 Dec - 17 Dec
Free WiFi
From £187
FLIGHT + HOTEL per person

Flight and hotel packages to Malta

Presentation of Malta

Malta has everything you could possibly want from a wonderful holiday. For a start there is that sea – deep blue to crystal clear, sea that you want to bathe in, snorkel and dive. Then there is the coastline – rocky crags and sheltered coves, powder white beaches and picturesque marinas. There is history and architecture – prehistoric temples, hilltop fortress towns, watchtowers, winding cobbled streets and medieval churches. There are beaches – long stretches of sand, hidden lagoons and fun-packed resorts with great water sports. There are museums and art galleries, stores selling traditional handicrafts, and relaxed cafes for when you just want to stop and watch the world go by. On a holiday to Malta you can experience all this – so check out our amazing holiday packages today.

Things to know before visiting Malta

Malta is one hour ahead of the UK. Malta is a member of the European Union and the currency is the euro. If you’re going on holiday to Malta on a flight from London to Malta or a flight from Manchester to Malta then you’ll fly into Malta International Airport. This is the only airport in Malta and it serves all the Maltese islands. It is located in the southern central part of Malta. Most hotels offer a shuttle bus service to guests, either by Malta Transfer (the official Airport Shuttle Service) or other shared or private transfers. This is perhaps the easiest way to arrive at your destination but it’s also straightforward to catch a taxi, with prepaid fixed rate journeys available 24 hours a day. There are also four express bus services which are fully air-conditioned. Take a look at our package holidays to book a flight to Malta.

What is the weather in Malta?

Malta has a Mediterranean climate, with beautiful hot sunny summers and mild, somewhat rainy winters. Summer (June to August) has highs around 30 degrees Celsius or slightly above, with sea breezes protecting the island from extreme temperatures. September is still warm and sunny, and by October the high temperatures have dropped to around 25 degrees. In November this falls to about 20 degrees and in winter (December to February) the temperatures typically hover around 15 degrees. You can see that it never really gets cold in Malta and sun is also quite frequent in winter. Our great range of package holidays will give you all the inspiration you need to book a holiday to Malta whatever the time of year.

What to do in Malta?

Here are some top experiences to try in Malta:

Holiday packages may include some activities and can certainly arrange tours – take a look at our holiday deals to Malta to see what you could be doing.

What to see in Malta?

Whether you like history, art, beautiful beaches or lively resorts on a holiday to Malta we’ve got you covered. Check out our list below for ideas if you like history and art:

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What to bring from Malta?

Malta has many lovely handicrafts and other gift items and souvenirs you could bring back, such as:

Browse our range of holiday packages and holiday deals to Malta to plan your trip.