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Flight & hotel holiday deals to Dubrovnik

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Travel packages to Dubrovnik

Presentation of Dubrovnik

Among the most beautiful cities on the Adriatic Sea, holiday deals to Dubrovnik are popular with holidaymakers from all over Europe. The city was founded on maritime trade and was once the capital of the mercantile Republic of Ragusa. With a myriad of white buildings and terracotta roofs, the architecture of the city is typical of this part of the Mediterranean. Many of the city's structures are older than you might think and Dubrovnik is often regarded as one of the best-preserved of all Croatian cities. The city overlooks a large bay and there are plenty of beaches for holidaymakers to explore. The destination offers something for everyone and is as suited to lone travellers as it is to family getaways. Compare holidays in Dubrovnik and make it your next holiday destination.

Things to know before visiting Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is within easy reach of the UK. Several service operators provide direct flights to the Croatian city. A flight to Dubrovnik is typically under three hours, depending on the departure airport. If you opt for a flight from Manchester to Dubrovnik, then expect to be in the air no longer than three hours and five minutes. By comparison, a flight from London to Dubrovnik will take about half an hour less. The municipal airport is about 10 miles from the central part of the city so it is worth booking a transfer along with your flight and hotel to Dubrovnik. With so many flight and hotel deals to Dubrovnik on offer, why not book yours now?

What is the weather in Dubrovnik?

Anyone on holiday in Dubrovnik can expect to experience a typically Mediterranean climate. The record high that was ever recorded in the city was 38.4 °C. However, such extremes are rare. The average high in August – Dubrovnik's hottest month – is 28.5 °C. Summer holidays in the city mean being careful with the sun and covering up in the middle of the day. October, November and December are the rainiest months to book low-cost holidays in Dubrovnik, but the temperature remains pleasant even in mid-winter. Snow is not unheard of but it is extremely rare. July enjoys the greatest number of sunshine hours but the truth is that any time of year is good to arrive. Make your booking today.

Things to do in Dubrovnik

Many package holidays in Dubrovnik are improved by an excursion and a tour of the city is one of the best options you could take. Just ask at your hotel for a recommended local operator. As well as pleasure boat trips across the bay, many tourists enjoy a little sea kayaking when they are in the city. Kayaks can be hired independently or you could sign up for an organised tour. For the energetic holidaymaker, tours of the city are now organised in running groups which mean that you get fit as well as enjoying a cultural experience. If you don't fancy that, then try some off-roading in the vicinity of the city. Again, several operators run these services for tourist locally. Search for discount holidays in Dubrovnik and begin the adventure.

Places to visit near Dubrovnik

Some great places to enjoy when on holiday in Dubrovnik include:

Discover these places and many more once you have searched the range of holiday packages to Dubrovnik and reserved your place!

What to eat in Dubrovnik?

As you might expect from a coastal city, seafood will make up a big part of the menu of all inclusive holiday packages in Dubrovnik. As well as local favourites, like stewed mussels and fresh oysters, you can expect locally sourced fish, such as fresh sardines and tuna. Dinga? is a Croatian red wine that has a burgeoning reputation. Visitors who are used to Italian and Greek cuisine will find that the restaurants of Dubrovnik serve dishes that are a blend of both styles. Olives, pasta, tomatoes and lemons feature frequently. Other meals you can order are typically Croatian, such as Dalmatian stews which often feature rabbit or goat with beans. Find your flight and hotel to Dubrovnik right now and sample some of the excellent culinary experiences to be had for yourself.